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CHY will help you to create, deliver and measure social value within your organisation, on specific projects and across communities, ultimately creating a positive influence in society.
Established in 2006 we are pioneers of social value and have a long history of designing collaborative social initiatives, creating tangible benefits and evidencing the outcomes you achieve.


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Social Value is the positive and negative impact your actions have on people.
When you need to ask questions like; What is our impact? What is our strategy?
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Social Value is the positive and negative economic, environmental and social impact your actions have on the health and wellbeing of your employees, your customers and stakeholders, and the communities within which you work.  
When you need to ask questions like; How do we implement our strategy? How do we monitor it?
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Social value is meeting the current needs of the industry and the communities in which we work; improving the quality of life for generations to come.  
When you need to ask questions like; How do we manifest change?  How do we measure it?
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CHY pre-plans, implements and measures social value strategy for all manner of different projects. We work with companies from planning and tender submissions, throughout development and into operation, and help them make a tangible positive difference to communities.

All our services are bespoke to our clients’ needs; please contact us to discuss collaboration, services and projects.

The Evolution

Of Social Value and Chy

Construction Leeds established as a partnership between the public, third and educational sector.
CITB Launch National Skills Academy for Construction to enable increased training and upskilling.
First contractual employment & skills KPIs devised by Construction Leeds and implemented through the procurement of the main contractor by Yorkshire Forward
The first independent end-to-end design, facilitation and measurement of social value. Leeds Arena (Leeds City Council & BAM Construction) - £60m city centre leisure development.
The first independent end-to-end design, facilitation and measurement of social value. Leeds Arena (Leeds City Council & BAM Construction) - £60m city centre leisure development.
8 Constructing Excellence Regional & National Awards for Construction Leeds establishing social value on the industry’s national agenda
Construction Leeds becomes Construction & Housing Yorkshire: Public Service (Social Value) Act 2012 is established with Leeds at the forefront of its implementation.
Public Service (Social Value) Act 2012 is established enabling people who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits.
CHY designing, delivering and monitoring social value across 100+ construction projects in Yorkshire
Lord Young reviews the Act, with three main barriers identified as limiting the impact of the legislation. Awareness of the Act, varying understanding of how to apply it, and an under-developed method of measuring social value.
CHY becomes independent consultancy delivering social value projects throughout the UK and Europe
CHY Consultancy manage social value from planning to operation.
CHY facilitated the delivery, management and socio-economic measurement of all activities from planning to operation. Skelton Lake Services (Extra MSA) - £60m Motorway Service Area
Social Enterprise UK report finds that only a third (33%) of all councils routinely consider social value in their procurement and commissioning and a third (32%) make little or no use of the Social Value Act
CHY Consultancy worked with Landmrk to develop an innovative mobile web platform to engage with young people across Europe to embrace their local heritage and explore emerging markets. Metropolis (Aspire Igen)
CHY Consultancy develops a full Social Value Strategy for a £1.2bn public framework.  Implementation Plan; informing Section106 obligations, using socio-economic assessments during the options appraisal process, devising outputs and outcomes, supporting collaborative delivery, management and socio-economic measurement of social value activity. BeFirst (Barking & Dagenham)
National move towards quality begins to gain momentum as institutions representing businesses and organisations throughout the built environment full project lifecycle focus on Social Value.
CHY Consultancy assesses social, economic and health and wellbeing impact of Modern Methods of Construction. Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (Land Securities) inner city London commercial development to inform options appraisal of traditional vs offsite methods of construction.
CHY Consultancy contributing to the  Construction Innovation Hub Value Toolkit (BRE, Constructing Excellence) Developing themes, outputs, outcomes, metrics and benchmarks for the Value Toolkit for use in all public procurement.
CHY Consultancy supports the development of an interactive mobile web application in partnership with Landmrk, the European Space Agency and the NHS; using digital rewards, augmented reality and digital content to engage and reward young people for positive behaviours that improve their health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Social Value takes centre stage with Social Value Act updated to explicitly evaluate (not just consider) social, environmental and economic impact of projects.
CHY Consultancy working with Hoare Lea to inform the transformation of London’s largest zone 1 development site. Earls Court (Hoare Lea) - Leading on social value; informing the Sustainability Framework; Meanwhile Use Strategy and Community Engagement.